Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nature-Inspired Attire

Last week was yet another busy week. Life is seldom not busy with a house of 3 little ones. That being said, I did accomplish my first real sewing project since Kieran was born. Kieran was lacking in the pants and sweatshirt area of his wardrobe. I was able to take a lone trip into Joann's and fell in love with the above green home-decor denim... so I made pants.

They are the "Quick Change Trousers" From Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginings book (which is worth every penny!!!). I made them in size *gasp* 18-24 months! I made them a little shorter, but I think for the next couple pairs I will use Meg's alterations to accomodate the extra cloth diaper fluff. That being said, they are freakin cute and fit like a dream. I also did not fully line them because I wanted something light enough for summer yet they are wide enough to accomodate some leggings underneath for cooler weather (if my sweetie pie stays little that long *sigh*). I just lined the bottom about 8 inches for a cute cuff. I also omitted the little bottom patch.

I also scored 2 sweatshirts at Target for $2 each. I love when their clearance makes it to 75% off!!! Sadly they had lame things like "Pro Athlete" on the side. Enter cute applique of a mouse on a turtle... because that is far more manly than "Pro Athlete". Don't you agree? (I am picturing Nick rolling his eyes about now). And my other appliqued item of the week:

I had cut out the "Hank the Stump Pattern" from Lollychops out of corduroy about a year ago, and started sewing it to a 3-6 month onesie. I never finished so I ripped it off, and during our weekly craft groups I finally finished a little stumpy onesie for my little nature child. :)

And look who carved their initials on the tree? hehe. I am framing this once Kieran outgrows it.... I LOVE IT. Anyway, I have more pants to make this week... among other projects brewing in my brain. But today is a bonafied clean-the-house-and-make-another-batch-of-jam day!


Annie said...

Happy to see you're sewing!! I looooove the stump shirt.

Clare said...

Thanks Annie! I am so happy to be back into sewing again! I need to. I have such a long to-do list of unfinished projects! :)