Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"D" is for...

Another day... another tray! This is our dinosaur land. I also added some Cadbury mini eggs to add a level of "taste" to the tray. I would also like to add our leftover Gingerbread playdough to make volcanoes and things...

I raided my mom's garden for the ferns and other plants, and we found the moss on a walk. There are beans and blue water. I did it all in a cheap, plastic plant tray and the dinosaurs were found in some Easter eggs. So basically everything was free for me! :) That makes me very happy indeed.

The girls have been very into dinosaurs lately. It is funny how they play though, all the dinosaurs are nice, and there are even princess dinosaurs and they marry prince dinosaurs. And the t-rexes play very nicely with the brachiosaurus.
This week is proving to be a busy one for us, but I hope to make some paper plate diplodocus' and in a perfect world, some dino-egg soaps would be in the mix too! :)

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