Saturday, May 14, 2011

This week...

... we did a lot of gardening (and excersaucing). Peas, lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, peppers, kale, Swiss chard, sage and thyme were all planted. We are harvesting lettuce and herbs from years past already... and it is raining for the next 6 days so I am hoping this will be a good year!

...we enjoyed our sweet kitten... and thought we might have to re-home him after he confused Isabel's bed with a litter box. It was bad. "Nature's Miracle" and diligently keeping him out of the girls' room has been working well. It is just adorable how Anastasia takes naps with him... they are the best of friends.

...we played some chess with the cat...

and wore a very appropriate new shirt.
we climbed trees.

We enjoyed a beautiful day at the arboretum with good friends (and some mud, sticks, water and tadpoles as well!) We tasted sweet strawberries for the first time...

and the third time. And turned them into yummy jam. 28 jars of jam. We did a few jars of Rosemary-Strawberry Jam as well which turned out heavenly... especially on a slice of homemade bread.
We took a lot of pictures of a very cute baby who is now eating a lot of sweet potatoes and rolling over and scooching around. It surely won't be long before he is mobile so I spend a lot of time cuddling and squishing. Too soon he will want less of that. Oh this bitter-sweet motherhood.

Whew, it has been a busy week. The warmer weather brings so much change and beauty. Popsicles and ice cream. Snap peas and strawberries. Iced tea and lemonade. Grilling and salads. Flowers and green grass. Oh, sweet spring stay forever so I can savor you and my little ones a little longer this year!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Such good and CUTE and fun things going on (minus the litter box bed)! I bet you can't wait for sunny skies again...I know I can't.


Clare said...

I am loving the sunshine and enjoying the coolness of the rain! So much back and forth this Spring! I hope you are all doing well! Anastasia is ALWAYS asking when we can go back to your house! :)