Friday, February 24, 2012


So before Isabel was born, I ended up on a blog (that I don't remember now) written by a mother of 8 children. I remember her posting about secrets that make life easier when you have a large family. One of her secrets was buying those over-packaged, over-priced tubes of yogurt and keeping them in the freezer. She claimed it was a mess-free way to get toddlers something healthy, and keep them occupied for a while. Supposedly it relieves teething pain, and can be thrown in the diaper bag frozen to thaw for a healthy, snack on the run. I was sceptical, but I had no idea how true her claims were. Frozen tubes of yogurt are the best snack in the world, trumped only by ice cream in my household. I was wrapping them up in a cloth napkin for the girls to keep their hands from freezing which worked perfectly. Then Kieran caught on to the trendy yogurt snack and he couldn't keep the napkin on, would throw a fit and then throw the yogurt tube on the floor. So I invented the frozen-yogurt-tube cozy:
Yes, it is the absolute silliest thing in the entire world, I will admit, but it is one of my most brilliantly simple inventions EVER. I am glad to know my countless hours doing mensa puzzles has not completely been wasted. haha. Then one day, my invention became even more crazy-useful! They double as cast-iron skillet handle cozies:
These silly upcycled sweaters have changed my life, almost as much as frozen tubes of yogurt. Now I can hold the skillet steady, grab the handle to stir, or carry a skillet of eggs to the kitchen table. To make, I just used the sleeve or bottom of a slightly-felted, fairly-thick wool sweater and cut a 3 1/2 by 4inch square along the finished edge of the sweater. I folded it in half length-wise and sewed it, leaving the finished sweater edge open. Easy, 2 minute project that is sure to change the world of cast-iron cooking.
And, it is gets 5 stars from the cute crowd. :)
So go make some today, stock your fridge with frozen tubes of yogurt (we like the stonyfield farm organic!) and enjoy the perfect snack with warm hands.

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