Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Handmade Birthday Part 2: Paintable houses

So the other part of Anastasia's gift this year was a little dollhouse from Michael's to paint. They were labeled as "CD house" or something, so we are using them for the wrong purpose I guess. They were really fun for the girls to paint:
This was Anastasia's. They took a couple hours to do. Perfect for a cold January afternoon (which we haven't had much of this year). Oh, and I ended up having to finish the painting inside the houses because they got a little tired of painting.
I also added scrapbook paper to the back walls to give them a little pop. I made some couches for each house, and pillows and beds which I didn't get pictured.
And this is Isabel's:

I am very happy with how they turned out! I think they would make spectacular gifts for little friends too. :)
Are you sick of Lalaloopsy taking over my blog? Yeah... its getting a little out of hand over here. Annnnnd its snowing today, so I hope to get out the watercolors and come up with some Valentine crafts! :)


Annie said...

Those are so cute! I might just have to rip off your idea... ;) although I still am in the dark about lalaloopsy, except for reading about it here.

And it looks like we have a few of the same paper stacks. Lol, why does that not surprise me??

Clare said...

Yes, you should totally do it! My kids play with their hand-painted houses all the time! :) hehe.

I guess we do continue to live parallel lives in different parts of the country! LOL.

Janine Tsakanikas said...

I am catching up on your blog and I just saw this. It is too cute! My daughters like mini lalaoopsy dolls. I wish you sold these in your shop! :)