Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Rainbow Cake Disaster

Once upon a time there was me. (This was how Isabel started the story of Rapunzel, being told by her Rapunzel doll!) Anyway I saw THIS beautiful rainbow cake thanks to the wonderful, time-sucking world of Pinterest and I of course had to make it. My thoughts were that because it didn't look to difficult to decorate, and I stink at decorating cakes. And I HATE dealing with icing (other than eating it) and I HATE HATE HATE cleaning out those icing bags, and filling them, and squeezing them 100,000 times. Cakes are not my thing. So I thought, okay, this just requires 6 tiny colored cakes and icing stacked and slathered with more icing. Easy peasy, I can do this, right? HAHAHAHAHA. I was so wrong.

I decided to take the easy way out and buy a *gasp* mix for a white cake. Well. That was the first mistake. 1 mix wasn't enough, but I got 3 little cakes, so I made a white cake from scratch for the last 3 layers. Then I began slicing off the tops and stacking them. It was lopsided from the get-go, and just got more so. Then came the orange, second-to-last layer which was too thick and I sliced in half. It was a little crumbly (cake mix) but I got my layer of frosting on. Then came the red layer... and I set it on top, proud of my cake tower. And then it happened. IT CRACKED. Not just once, but EVERYWHERE. I tried saving it with frosting, but then it started crumbling! And as I spread the frosting down the sides, it caused more bright red crumbling. It was a big, red, crumbly, uneven blob. OH and it was 1am. What was I to do? Then, I thought, if I can get it in the pyrex, and frost it, that would work. Even if it falls apart, cake soup is better than no cake. Right? So I used a very thin plate, lifted the cracking, crumbling mess of a cake and slid it underneath, then slid it into my pyrex baking dish I assumed it fell apart. I made buttercream icing, but because I wasted so much with all the crumbs, I ran out of powdered sugar, so I just threw in some white sugar. I think that was bad idea number 116. Because it was over-sweet and gritty. Ugh. But it worked. And then, miraculously when I cut into it, it looked like this:
It was so pretty inside! Like a rainbow! All the kids picked the cupcakes, except maybe 2 or 3, who complained the rainbow cake was too sweet.
I guess so when you use 4lbs of sugar in the frosting. Oops. Oh well. Anastasia told me it tastes like rainbows and is sooooo pretty. I guess thats all that really matters at the end of the day. So the morals of the story are: Don't buy a mix. Follow the directions on the blog you are copying. Buy 10 bags of powdered sugar and 4 boxes of butter. Or better yet, go to the store and BUY AN ALREADY BAKED CAKE!!! So we can all live happily ever after.


Annie said...

Love this post.

I really can't say any more. I just love it.

Clare said...

LOL Thanks Annie!!! Its all because of your post! You inspired me to share my major flaws with the world! :)