Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Little Rambles

It was somewhat Nick's idea, but my Lenten penance is to keep my partents house orderly, functional and under control. This may not sound too hard, or even a worthy sacrifice, but if you saw my parents house on a normal day (especially before we moved in) you would say I was "in Over My Head" in HGTV's Eric Stromer's words. Amazingly, we have totally cleaned the kitchen and kept up with the dishes since my brother's departure to Montana and my mom's business trip to Pennsylvania last Sunday night. My mom will be back tonight and the challenge will be to clean up after 5 people instead of 3. I am hoping that doing excessive cleaning and chores for God will be the inspiration I need to perservere when the going gets rough (and gross). We shall see.

I was told, and read in multiple places that stuffing your child with solid food before bed is not a good thing because it may cause gestational distress... or something else bad. YOU FOOLS!!!! I started giving Anastasia a nice wholesome bedtime snack of yogurt, fruit and cereal and guess what? for the first time in a year I got 7 straight hours of sleep. Last night I got 8!! My energy level is so much higher! I am finding that "the experts" are really not experts of parenting... but experts at making parents feel bad about their parenting. You help complete a major milestone in your child's life, and aparently you should have complete 8 others. They rush babies into childhood too fast. Anastasia doesn't want to fall asleep on her own, so aparently I am ruining her for life. Don't people realize that one day she will not want me to snuggle her to sleep, or sing her songs, or read her books or slow dance around the kitchen to classical music? Life is so short in the grande scheme of things... Anastasia is only this little for a little while... why should I rush her and push her to grow up?

That is all for now except that it is 69 degrees outside and very much like Spring and I LOVE IT! I will miss these little tastes of spring that Virginia winters provide to get us through the yucky winter blues. Hopefully the extra winter snows will make the winters in the Chicago region a little more bearable. Too bad there are no hills to sled down.

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