Thursday, February 28, 2008

My life in pictures

I should be on my way to Pennsylvania right now, to visit one of Nick's good friends, Father Carmen. Unfortunately snowy weather (in PA) has kept us home for the weekend instead. I am really bummed. I was looking forward to a mini-family vacation.
Here my little rebel (who now refuses to sleep in her crib) at the Chancellorsville battlefield gift shop:Our home under contract:

note the mountains in this picture:

This is the back yard that ends at a creek:

I just finished up my first AWESOME craft swap. Here is what I received:

This mega tote bag that by the way, carried 15 overdue books to the library!!!
2 mugs and 2 lb.s of coffee from Seattle!!!

And a beautiful, hand-stitched biscornu pin cushion!! I love it!

Speaking of the library, I think they must read my blog, because I read yesterday that they are remodeling the old book shop into a cafe/bookshop!!! That was totally my brilliant idea!!! I am so glad they are doing it except for the fact that WE ARE LEAVING STAFFORD!!!! Isn't that kind of ironic? I finally get my wish and I won't be able to enjoy it. I doubt that Front Royal will put a cafe in their library anytime soon.

Well thats all folks, I think I will go mourn the loss of our road trip a little more and go buy groceries I was putting off since we were going away for the weekend. Nick even went to work when he already took the day off! So it is just me, and the baby in a boring old house that is a far cry from crisp, snowy Pennsylvania.


Annie said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Those mugs are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! They are so adorable that right now I am going to find my local community center website and look up prices for a pottery class. !!!!!

And your house looks fabulous! That yard! Ah!

Clare said...

Thanks! I love my mugs!! They are so delicious!! And the yard is superb... I look forward to sipping coffee on my deck outof my new mugs overlooking the mountains!! That I can live with.

Martin Schap said...

Yes, I would definitely trade a library cafe for that kind of life.