Thursday, May 1, 2008

Little Update

For those who didn't read it first at Nick's blog, we closed on our house yesterday! Hooray! It has been a long time coming... and now we are officially homeowners!!! We have been working non-stop thus far... I am currently covered in paint and waiting for Nick to finish his shower.

I had to share a few of my favorite things: My new house, its front porch, and the bird laying on her eggs outside our bedroom window!!! What a nice little surprise. I also have to say I love Clorox Green Works products (they smell good without any yucky chemicals) and Sherwin Williams Harmony Paint (again chemical free). I usually get lots of headaches when I clean or paint, and I didn't! These things are better than the normal stuff you buy with bleach and ammonia, etc... which makes me wonder... why aren't all cleaning products green?

P.S.-My camera is officially broken. Which means no pictures until I get a new one (maybe this weekend?) Be glad I didn't disgust you with pictures of the bathroom Nick is ripping apart! I have never seen anything so gross!!!


Annie said...

Congratulations! What happy news! Now Anastasia will have that huge yard to romp around in!

Bridget said...

Yes, Congrats! I have a question: Is the Sherwin Williams paint you used any good? I mean, does it paint like normal paint? Or do you need more to cover a wall? And also, is it more expensive than regular paint? I am dying to paint some rooms in our house, but am concerned about the fumes with 4 young ones running around. Tell me more about that paint!

Nick-dog said...

Hey Bridge,

The Sherwin-Williams Harmony paint is excellent. At work we buy the stuff from Lowe's, which is nice but not really the same quality.

It's about 35-40 bucks a gallon.

But if you are getting custom paints from Lowe's you are in the 25-30 dollar range.

I hope that helps. The stuff is awesome!


Nick-dog said...

You use about the same amount as regular paint, too.


Clare said...

Yeah, like Nick said, the Harmony Paint is $5-10 more per gallon but it is really awesome to use (plus Sherwin Williams have awesome and quick customer service usually)! I would say it is like 95% odorless which is really great!