Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hello all my favorite blog readers!!! We finally have our little house which has been a TON of work for us. We are thrilled though, overall with our purchase. Our neighbors are very nice, the town of Front Royal is really laid back, we have mountains everywhere, the prices on groceries are cheaper, Anastasia is thrilled with her new room and home, and besides the lack of running water and plumbing, our house is really becoming the perfect home for us.

I LOVE having my own kitchen!!! And a nice town farmer's market and lots of local farms. I have been cooking like CRAZY! Well, I grilled a lot until we got a new stove. I love living in a small town in the country! I was worried I would be starved for more culture but DC is only a little over an hour away. Winchester is only 20 minutes away and a beautiful drive from our home. So I have access to culture without having to be bothered by it on a daily basis. Coming back to Stafford makes me HATE Northern Virginia with a greater passion. I think I have adopted a small-town mentality. Everyone passes me in rage because I am used to driving 25 mph. All I have to say is I will take the rednecks and hillbillies any day over the northern Virginia yuppie-snobs!

So as I announced last night, we are having another baby! I think it will be a boy, but I am not as sure as I was with Anastasia being a girl. At first the thought of another baby was somewhat overwhelming, especially as Anastasia's strong-will has been even stronger and harder to deal with now that she has this new independence as a toddler. I have become more and more excited though, and less freaked out as I think of how much fun the two will have together being so close in age. I also think it will be easier to home school them, and just do anything with them as they reach milestones together around the same time. They will be able to learn so much from each other. I also felt a bit guilty like I was robbing Anastasia of this special time of her being "the only child" so soon, but it will probably be a better adjustment now rather than a year or two later. As we are finally settling into our own life, I am becoming more and more EXCITED about #2!!!!

I think I am about 3 1/2 months along-ish. That means an October baby!! The first trimester was AWFUL! Way worse than with Anastasia but the second trimester has been way easier, I often forget that I am pregnant until I look at my big tummy (which as they say it will be, is bigger than it was at this stage with A). It has been like night and day. I have been craving greasy foods... especially Mexican. I am very happy to say that the kid's room is almost finished... and super cute. I will post pictures as soon as I am back at home and have my camera port.

So that is the most recent news. Anastasia and Leia are best friends now that they have more time together in the new house. Leia spent the night in Anastasia's bed (a glorified mattress on the floor) the other night and Anastasia loves reading her books to Leia. The other day I was in the kitchen and heard Leia growl really loudly from Anastasia's room and I freaked out thinking Anastasia was torturing her and getting bitten for it. If anyone knows Leia, she growls about everything... when playing, when getting pet, when happy as a clam and like a normal dog- as a warning. I ran in to find Anastasia giggling and throwing toys for Leia to fetch. Then Leia would growl as Anastasia would take them back to throw. It was so hilarious watching them and they did this all day yesterday. So cute.


Bridget said...

Northern Virginia has SOME nice people in it! :)

Once again, I am so excited for you guys and #2 on the way! Are you going to find out what you're having?

Clare said...

Yeah, there are like 12 nice people in Northern Virginia. ;)

Thanks! I keep going back and forth about finding out! They could never tell with Anastasia because her legs were always crossed. I like the element of surprise... but if it is a boy, I would have to update my newborn baby wardrobe. I just don't feel right putting a boy in pink. :) So I want to know just so I can be prepared...

Did you find out with all of your kids? I have heard of people who are told they will have a girl and then have a boy. That would be really amusing.

Bridget said...

Well, with Michael, since he was our first, we didn't want to find out. But I just knew he was a boy. In fact, we had settled on his name 5 months before he was born! The only time we really had to get serious about the possibility that it could be a girl and we hadn't selected a girl name, was on the way to the hospital while in labor. THAT'S when we came up with a girl name. Now, when I was next pregant with Teresa, we wanted to find out for that same reason, we had boys stuff, but no girl stuff. So it was more of a practical decision to find out. Glad we did. After you have 1 boy and 1 girl, you don't really need to worry about any subsequent pregnancies, because you have stuff already! But, yeah, we found out with Kat and then Patrick just for kicks, I suppose. So the short answer: We found out what we were having for all the kids except Number 1, Michael.

Laura said...

Congrats on baby #2! I just found you blog - A. is *such* a cutie!

And congrats on your new home! :)

I'm a Christendom grad (a few years after Nick), wife and mom to two under 2 :) Don't worry about them being close in age - it takes a bit to juggle two, regardless of age difference, and now that Miss Beanie Pie (4mo) and da Bubbs (20mo) can interact more, it really melts your heart! Plus Bubbs is a big help :)

God Bless!

Clare said...

Thanks! Nice to meet you Laura. Its always nice to know that people survive having two (or more) kiddies close in age! I keep praying that #2 is a little more laid back than A. I love her personality to pieces but I can't imagine two of her! AH!