Thursday, May 22, 2008


(Pictures: our backyard and barn, front porch, Nicks birthday fruit tart , and Anastasia!)

I was able to take my camera card, stick it in my dad's camera... and ta da! A feast for the eyes! :)

I was reading my mom's subscription to Mother Earth News while Anastasia was taking a bath and found an answer to my lack-of-plumbing problems!!! A sawdust composting toilet! Supposedly people actually use these in place of a regular toilet and compost the waste (aka humanure) for their non-edible plants. Gross eh? But due to my wish to actually live in our new house... I am willing to give it a shot! Seriously, Nick's new project is to build me one! I think maybe I really am a hippie.

I spent yesterday at the house with Nick (as he was sick) and we finished painting the living room. We sat down for some chicken soup at lunch and I realized the birds had found my feeders! There were birds everywhere! Cardinals, Orioles... even a skiddish little humming bird! We were all fascinated... even Anastasia who pointed at them excitedly! I call the area outside our dining area my bird sanctuary. I would like to plant some sunflowers and other bird friendly flowers there and get a window box with flowers and a tray for table scraps. I love living in the country!

I am going to the flea/farmers market in town this weekend because I was thinking of setting up a booth to sell some seasonal baked goods like my fruit tart pictured above, some mint iced-sun-tea, lemonade, and some handmade market bags. If the price is right, and I am allowed to sell, it might be a nice way to fund my craft-habit and Christmas savings account. ;)


Annie said...

I am COMPLETELY jealous. Especially of the barn. *sigh*

Clare said...

Well if you saw what I have to pee in for the next couple weeks... you may not be so jealous! ;) But the barn is really cool... it has neat cabinets and a loft in it too. I want to finish it into a guest cottage or something!