Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This week

Still no pictures... sorry guys!

I am at my parent's house while Nick works on the bathroom at our house in the mountains. I feel like I am missing most of myself while he is there and I have retreated to knitting and watching Amelie to keep myself entertained. I was falling in love with our home... and had just re-introduced myself to my old dishes and I just got a text that Nick could hear our creek. We have our own Creek!!! I always wanted a creek.

Speaking of Amelie, I love that movie. I wish it didn't have the insanely risqué parts or it would be one of my favorites. I had forgotten how whimsical and imaginative and just plain beautiful it is. But I warn you... there are very, very bad scenes. Definitely don't watch it with someone you are dating like Nick and I did... very embarrassing. That is probably why I couldn't remember how much I liked it. Silly French people. (I can say this as I am part French Canadian).

How would you spend a savings bond worth around $100 from your grandparents? I have one of these and I am trying to come up with something meaningful to give to my kids as like a gift from them. Both of my grandparents were 100% Czech so I originally thought something from the Czech Republic would be very fitting. But something for kids too. I found some goofy toys but nothing that I feel would be truly loved and played with and then passed on to my grandchildren. So I was thinking of buying a wooden farm play set by Plan Toys to represent my family of Czech farmers that came to and live here in the US. But for all the items it would be well over $100!! Though it would probably last FOREVER. Their products are awesome. My other idea was to buy a Plan doll house. As a kid I LOVED doll houses... and assume every girl did and it was something I always wished for. At the age of 12 I finally got a nice rickety wooden doll house from a garage sale. But who knows if my kids would really want one? I thought it would be neat to buy furniture for at holidays until it is completely full... a true heirloom to love. Doll houses never go out of style. Any other cool ideas would be nice. :)

I put mayonnaise in my hair to see if it will really make it shiny and smoother. My hair has been so dry! It seems not to have recovered from nursing still... and it has been like 5 months! I better go shower and get rid of the odor. I hate mayonaise. It better work.


Annie said...

Does nursing do terrible things to your hair? Is that why mine is so gross now? It's all thin and stringy and feels like hay. It might also be because I haven't had a haircut since the day before Anja was born... but I'd like to be able to blame it on more than one thing. Is it because I don't take vitamins?

Laura said...

Hello again :) I asked my H about the washer not draining and he said he made a hook out of a coat hanger and put it in the hole in the back and that got the baby sock out. Hope that helps! Good luck with the mayo ;)

Laura said...

Ha! Wrong blog. Sorry!

That is so exciting about your new home! Sounds like a wonderful place to create many happy memories :)

Clare said...

Yeah, my skin and hair became much dryer than before... and I even took prenatals still. It is kind of a rude awakening after having beautiful shiny hair from being pregnant!

Mayo helped I guess... it made the top of my head a little greasy so next time I will skip that area.

Sarah said...

I had a $75 savings bond from my First Communion. Last summer we spent it on building a play yard for the kids. It is something that they use everyday in the nice months and will probably use nearly forever. Good luck!

Clare said...

Thats a really neat idea Sarah! I think a tree house would be really cool... but maybe a little dangerous for a 15 mo. lol! A porch swing would be nice too.