Monday, November 24, 2008

Give Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Sometimes its easy to be caught up in the worry of our uncertain economic future and a government that has no clue how to fix the problems at hand (apparently throwing money at anyone who asks makes them feel better). Its easy now to overlook all the blessings in our lives. I found out last week that a girl I grew up with lost her full-term baby girl during the final days of her pregnancy. The news has effected me greatly... and has renewed my sense of deep gratitude for the little ones that I love and care for. I can't imagine the pain of the loss of a child. My patience has even been renewed. Even though I don't know her well now, my old friend fills my prayers and I feel incredibly blessed to have my husband, my girls and my family for this holiday season.

On a more upbeat note, I also am thankful for pie. I made apple pie, pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake today. While I was making pie I let Anastasia make a pie for the birds this Thanksgiving. I made some suet which is 2 parts shortening or animal fat, 1 part peanut butter, 1 part oatmeal and 1 part bird seed. I heated the shortening and peanut butter in the microwave for 45 seconds and added the oatmeal and birdseed, then I spread it in the bottom of a pie pan (you could do this in a muffin tin too). I then let Anastasia add some of the stale items from our snack cupboard. I gave her utensils and let her make a mess. She didn't make a mess, she just ate the stale cookies. Ah well. I am sure the birds will appreciate my effort tomorrow. :)
Here is my artistic shot of our backyard in our first snow last week:

And here is Isabel waving bye:

Happy Turkey Day! Remember your blessings!!


Annie said...

Oh my goodness! Isabel has changed so much since Halloween!! How amazing, the way they grow into themselves more and more each day. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Bridget said...

Great pics! Did you guys have snow that actually stuck?

Kelly said...

I love your backyard shot and I'm going to have to try your bird food with the boys. John is quite the fan of cooking these days, and it would be good to encourage him to mess around with stuff that isn't for our dinner ;) Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely.

Nick-dog said...

Hey All,

Happy belated thanksgiving.

No, we have not had snow that stuck. Just frosts and some ice so far.