Friday, November 7, 2008

Some Things To Smile About...

...In this crazy world.

Over the weekend Nick and I took a drive out to Skyline, and then my parents came yesterday and we took another drive. My mom, Anastasia, Isabel and I hiked a small 1/2 mile hike to a very pretty, but hard to photograph waterfall. It was "socked in" as the park ranger termed the overwhelming fog clinging to the mountains making it hard to see at the overlooks. It cleared up during our hike making for some fantastic views from the ridge. We are so blessed to call this area "home."

I truly hope all this will be preserved for future generations, that my children and theirs will be able to fall in love with nature in this beautiful country. Anastasia had a walking stick just like my mom. What fun!! Is there anything better than a big stick when you are 21 months old? I think not.And look who is smiling!!! At 1 month old! I call that impressive in my own biased way. Perhaps mentioning that Anastasia didn't smile until 2 1/2 months adds credibility to my personal opinion that this baby is very advanced for her age. She just seems so much older than 1 month old... maybe because she is somewhat big. She is 12 pounds already!! Wow.

I took Isabel to the doctor on Monday and the doctor asked if she was smiling yet. "Sort of I guess," was my answer as she didn't have any major smiles. Then the doctor started talking to her and she just started smiling away! It was really cute. Both my girls (and myself) love our doctor! I was a bit jealous that she got her first really big smile, but since then I have seen several beautiful baby smiles. :)

PS-I didn't realize in the picture on my previous post that the flag flying from the Statue of Liberty was upside down. Aparently that is a sign for a Nation in distress. I didn't mean to signal that with the picture and am hoping that it is not prophetic in any way. All I can say is we need to pray.


Sumojason said...

Thanks for having us out for dinner on Saturday, the family had a blast!

I couldn't stop talking about how great the bread was with Bridge.

Did you make it yourself?

If so, can I have the recipe?


Clare said...

Hi Jason! Glad you guys had fun! We are so glad you came! I did make the bread. The recipe came from here:

Except I didn't add rosmary to the batch I made for you guys, and I melted butter with a clove of garlic and drizzled it on top. I make this stuff like every week. It freezes well too.

Sumojason said...

Thanks Clare, I think I will make some this week.

Bridget said...

Awesome! That sure was yummy bread. I felt like I could just keep eating it and eating it! But, I restrained myself in order to be a polite guest! I think I had 2 pieces. And it was so good!

Thanks again!