Thursday, April 9, 2009

Different Holiday... same concept!

So the other day I left my phone at my friend Andrea's house, and Nick was supposed to watch the girls while I went to confession but he took a detour to get my phone. So I took both girls and waited an hour in line while letting Anastasia play in the pews. The nicest couple in the world in front of me, (angels maybe?) let me in front of them as they saw Anastasia getting more and more adventurous wandering around the church. And as I was one person away, Anastasia ran to the back of the church towards the vestibule, and so I ran after her. She stopped at this man with a long white beard, and though he was fairly thin she kept saying "Sinta Caus, Sinta Caus!!" and so I told the man that she thought he was Santa Clause (hoping that wouldn't be offensive). He was so kind and took her hand and said "God Bless you, peace and love to you, be a good girl." I thanked him and Anastasia just beamed!

Then she thought the confession booth was a potty. lol. Ever since then she has been talking about Santa holding her hand at church. Everytime I try to talk about the Easter bunny, she remembers that the Easter bunny is at the mall, and then tells me about Santa at church who held her hand. Two year olds are such cool people.

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