Monday, April 6, 2009

Reflections from Lent

Less than a week before Easter... the last few days of lent and I feel as though I have gained a lot of perspective. Isabel has been teething for most of lent, and it has added an element of chaos to the life I had been used to.
I began lent with so many ambitions which I shared in bits on here. Make Etsy store, plant garden, make bags for market, go jogging, start knitting again, be that perfect mom I sometimes see everywhere else on blogland. The realities of life hit... cranky baby, tantrum toddler, fuss, whine, grrrr. I felt like everytime I sat down at the sewing maching (with the exception of the day I made the Easter dresses) everyone was 50 steps below the happy mark. And of course that put me 10 steps above the angry mark. So I spent the first half of lent frustrated with my inability to get anything done, and finally the second half of lent I accepted that fact. God's lesson for me this lent was simple: to live simply. That applies to every aspect of my life, but I had to prioritize my life, and make my spiritual life, and my family the first priorities. Everything else I do seems to order itself around that. And everybody is happier. And in my "spare" time I try to focus on our garden because it has potential to benefit our family substantially in the near future and everyone seems happy help me garden. On rainy days I can craft for fun. ;) And once Isabel is regularly happy again, and maybe when I am no longer beat at the end of a long day at home I can craft for etsy, etc. Thankfully right now, I am free to make that decision.
The less I try and accomplish the better the few things I do turn out. Well both kids are fussing now... so I hope you all have had a very profound, reflective lent.

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