Friday, April 3, 2009

Half of a Year

Isabel turned 6 months old today! I feel like we have only had her a few months and yet I don't remember life without her. She is such a sweet heart. And she is growing so fast. I try to keep her small and fat and cute and she keeps getting bigger and definately cuter. What is a mother to do?
She has been fussing a bunch lately thanks to a small tooth that is trying to poke its way through. But she is fine if I am holding her, walking her around, taking her outside, to new places to meet new people... she is a very sweet, content girl... most of the time. She has red hair and a temper to match. She is tough if needed and equally feminine. And she LOVES to be pampered:

Here she is "gardening" with mama. In reality she was sunning herself in her moses basket with her sunhat and glasses watching me work, the butterflies, the neighbors. She knows how to relax in style. ;) We love you Isabel Therese. Just stay small a little longer...


Nick-dog said...

So true. So true.


Bridget said...

Sweet baby!