Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears! OH MY!

We are a very spontaneous family. And this morning despite the dreary weather, we really wanted to do something fun. So on a whim we packed some food, diapers and extra clothes and packed the girls into the Jeep and drove to DC to the National Zoo. Very spontaneous. Very fun indeed! We saw Lions: And a Tiger and his beloved ball:

And bears and flamingos:The National Zoo has an awesome new Asia trail with my all-time favorite red pandas. So cute. They NEED me to cuddle them. lol. And they had the most adorable asian Otters too. But can you guess what Anastasia's favorite part was? The frogs! We drive all the way to the zoo and see all the exotic animals and she loves the frogs, which we have in abundance in our own back yard. I do absolutely love that she loves frogs because when I was a kid I too loved frogs. I was obsessed with them. My mom made me froggy clothes, I had atleast a hundred frog knick-knacks, and I had pet frogs from time to time. Yes they are awesome. And this new love for the slimey green creatures that are currently singing deafeningly, loudly in the trees right now, is proof that she actually got some of my genes. I am so proud.

And just for kicks, I thought this picture of George Washington's Bathtub from our trip to Berekly Springs was really fun:

On another note, it has been a good, busy week. I scored both of the girl's a new wardrobe at a consignment sale for less than $50 the other day. That included brand-new stride rite shoes for Anastasia. Yesterday I spent the morning gardening which I loved more than I ever thought I would. It is nice because Anastasia enjoys hunting for worms as I dig in the dirt. And Isabel is just happy to ride around on my back, or watch nature from her carseat. So it is a good family activity that helps me feel productive with 2 small children. That doesn't happen very often! Happy weekend everybody!

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Alexis said...

I hear you on the difficulty of feeling productive with small children! Amen, sista!