Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wearin' of the Green

Top of the afternoon to ya... Happy Saint Patrick's Day! If you aren't wearing green, consider yourself pinched! I have some fun gifts courtesy of Youtube for all you wonderful blog readers! Here is a silly St. Patrick's Day movie for little kids from Big Idea (the maker of Veggie Tales). Anastasia loved it though it was a little goofy:

And another great old cartoon of Irish-spirit note:

Meanwhile the corned beef is in the oven... mmmm.... Strange how much I love the stuff and only make it once a year. We watched the above movies this morning, made green caterpillars out of egg cartons that we painted green, listened to some Irish music, and now my two little leprechauns are fast asleep. Time to cut out some fabric pieces! Hope you have a great and corned-beefy, green and snake-free-y, happy, river-dance jiggy St. Patricks Day!

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