Friday, March 13, 2009

Whats in your basket?

I have already done a good deal of my Easter shopping for the girls. For some reason, I like filling Easter baskets and stockings more than buying the bigger gifts for Christmas and birthdays. Thus far I have purchased some Crayon Rocks and some finger puppets from Let's Explore. I have been eyeing the crayon rocks for some time now, and think that Anastasia is old enough to enjoy them. I think I will pair them with a sketch book and possibly a nature inspired coloring book. I also ordered a cute knitted bunny from Green Mountain Wee Woolies Etsy Shop for Anastasia, but it looks like a nice item for Isabel instead in person. I would post pictures of some of the cuteness, but I don't want A-Bomb to see.

Yes her name is A-Bomb today because she explodes into rage at any moment if she doesn't get her way. I got Anastasia a cute bunny last year so I figured I would outfit him with a new ribbon rather than buy a whole new bunny. I am going to try and find a pretty soft white rabbit for Isabel's basket. I was also considering sewing up some Purl Bunnies. And for Isabel I want to add some bells, beans and rice to a few eggs and glue them shut for some fun shakers. I might get some flower seeds and little pots. I am thinking of getting some plastic animals along with the stickers and candy I have for filling Easter Eggs for a fun Egg Hunt.

Yes maybe I am a little ahead of the game, but I am usually so last minute in reality that I am lucky I get anything done on time. (I seriously wrapped Christmas gifts on Christmas morning! Santa came AFTER breakfast lol.) I still have to make Easter dresses! So I want to know, what is in your Easter baskets?


Bridget said...

Nothing! :)

We are usually in Florida for Easter, so I will have to make the baskets down there. We have a TON of little eggs. Usually we just fill them with candy. Perhaps this year I may put some other trinkets in there as well. But, in reality, since we have to pack it all up for travelling purposes, they'll probably just get candy in their eggs!

Clare said...

Candy is the best part about Easter! I LOVE the cadbury eggs! And Palmer used to make these half peanut butter half chocolate candies shaped like bunnies, ducks and lambs... but I haven't seen them in years. Do you all do an Easter Egg hunt for the kids?