Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy as Bees making Honey.

That would be us... busy bee bliss. The first days of Spring provide us with dozens of adventures to be had. Nick tells of our adventure yesterday (giving us all a break from his newest hobby) and our trip to Berkely Springs. We enjoyed being enveloped in the "wild and wonderful" terrain that is the very heart and soul of West Virginia. The highlight for me was definately finding a mountain spring, 20 minutes from our house! I will definately be saving jugs and making random trips there for water rather than spending money at the store.
Last Thursday it rained, and I needed out of the house. So I found Books-A-Million (which I used to like significantly less than Borders or B&N) to be a fun date with the girls. I like that they have a train set for Anastasia to play with, and the kids section is really close to the craft magazine section. So Anastasia played while Isabel sat in a comfy chair and I read some magazines. That is where I discovered a really sweet magazine called "Living Crafts" with very waldorfy, natural crafts. Anyhow, they had an article about growing Easter grass that you can find here. So you can guess what we will be doing this week! I also like the following centerpiece from Martha Stewart:Decorating for Spring is so cheery! I can't wait for Easter! And this week's color is blue... so we painted with blue watercolors... and I think I have a few tricks up my sleeve!

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