Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Its Coming...

Yes my friends, Spring is almost here. We are waiting impatiently (as are the bulbs poking out of the ground in our yard) for the warm, flowery Spring. I have been completely absorbed in my gardening books, and joined a gardening forum as well as reading every little tidbit of information I can about planting and succeeding! I had no idea there were so many options! To till, or not to till. Lasagna gardening vs. raised beds vs. tilled rows. And the composting choices? Plastic bins vs. wire bins, vs tumblers. And all the varieties of vegetables to choose from. I have learned in this week more about worm poop and manuer than I ever wanted to know. I am longing to get outside and pick a spot, rip up some sod, start my compost bin, plant some Sugar Snap Peas and build some tepees for them. *breathe*

I am becoming borderline obsessed with my imaginary garden and am devising evil schemes to keep the animals away from it. I saw a cute little bunny the other day, and my first thought was, "aww, Easter and spring fuzzy cuteness" then I remembered the lettuce I want to grow and I immediately switched gears to "evil, flesh-eating bunny must never step foot in my yard again! wahahaha." Spring seriously needs to come completely (none of this wishy washy stuff) before I really go insane. lol.

A couple of good things coming soon: I was hoping to be finished last week, but looks like I need a little more time to get my Etsy shop up and running. It is a lot harder than I thought it would be to put items on there (I am used to Ebay) but I think once I get going... it will all be good. And I just found out today that a friend's husband is trying to start an official Farmer's Market in downtown Front Royal. I was told I could have a spot if I want to sell baked goods and maybe crafts! Hooray!

So my time has been divided in many directions all waiting for warm Spring to come and make everything bloom and blossom.

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