Thursday, March 19, 2009

I heart Green.

Its been very green around here this week! I have decided to do a color each week to try and teach Anastasia colors that aren't red. So this week seemed the appropriate week to start with St. Paddy's day and all. We made the above egg carton caterpillars, which were recycling at the same time so they are green squared!! And they eat newspaper shamrocks...mmmmm. Anastasia enjoyed painting everything green! Even her hair! I had people asked me if I dyed her hair green while I was out. Yeah. right. Someone today asked why Isabel was dressed like a boy... um, she had flowers on her blue coat... she just likes blue. People are so weird sometimes. lol.
Green-dyred rice and split peas for playing in. Warning: only use if you want to sweep the floor We also watched green inspired movies on YouTube. I go in and out of Youtube phases. I am totally in one (hence my previous post) and I learned how to put them on my blog. How exciting! Isabel even got in on the action and wore green while doing the morning crossword. lol. And lastly my green froggy sugar bowl:

And even my green peas are coming up!

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