Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

We all had such a nice Easter!! Anastasia was so excited to see what the Easter bunny left her on the kitchen table! Did you notice that I actually grew my own Easter grass? It turned out really nice and worked well with a nature-themed Easter I had going.

This is why I was up until 1am Saturday night. I was inspired to make Apple bunnies. I LOVE THEM:
My cute little Isabel. I made her a hair band with a big fabric yoyo flower because everyone thinks she is a boy. She has blue frog shoes, and wears a lot of blue and green (because it looks so nice with red hair) so now she gets to wear cute hairbands.

Anastasia enjoyed her second egg hunt. Her attention span lasted about 8 minutes.

Here are the collage tags Anastasia made to go with the bird nest treats we made:

I hate Peeps, but they seem like an Easter establishment and were perfect for the nests we made for all the family members:

Here is the whole family.

It was a great big day for cute little girls.


Erin Koch said...

Hey Clare- I LOVE the girls' easter dresses. In the first pic with the easter basker- did you make the little blue basket in front? *gotta remember the apple bunnies- so cute!

Annie said...

You are SO cute, sometimes I hate you. :) I'm glad you all had a happy Easter!

And I'm glad you still are able to craft with two little ones. It give me hope for my future...

Clare said...

Erin- I hope you and your family had a Happy Easter! I didn't make the little basket in front, it came with a set of mommy and baby bunnies from Wal-mart. I actually want to make a similar one, with a drawstring at the top because A. likes to wear it as a bracelet and then the bunnies fall out.

Annie-Crafting is far more difficult with 2 kids, especially with Isabel teething... blah... but I just have to do it when she sleeps or not at all! haha. I am super lucky both of my kids sleep really well at night (naps are another story) and Isabel is out by 8pm now. I usually give Anastasia watercolor paints or some paper and glue to craft with while I sew or whatever. It WILL get easier. The first couple months are a little chaotic! Glad you guys had a happy easter too! Holidays are so much more fun with kids!