Monday, May 4, 2009


Yes it is my day. My birthday that is! So young yet so old... I mean, 1/4 century is a pretty big deal! If you had asked me 10 years ago where I saw myself at 25... I would never imagine myself here. Married, 2 kids, house, Jeep, dog, the whole American dream. And somehow this is everything I have ever really wanted (okay, Nick will tell you I have a list that gets bigger everyday)... but seriously, I really have all that matters most to me. That being said, I did score some pretty sweet loot:

Nick gave me a really amazing cutting board from a local artisan, Mike Schmiedicke whom I have never met personally but I can definately say he does beautiful work. His etsy shop here. I have been drooling over these multi-wood cutting boards for a while, and I have to say with good reason. It is more beautiful that my rainy-day-flash-filled picture can do justice but thats what happens when it rains on your birthday. :( Oh, and my mom got me the A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food and I LOVE it. I have had it out from the library for months now (and paid a couple dollars in fines on it) so it is nice to have my own copy. It is THE resource for Organic gardening. SO my dream is to use the book to help me grow organicly yummy food to cut up on my cutting board. Yum. Oh, and did you notice how "green" my gifts are? Local artisan, recycled barnwood, organic book. So atleast my birthday was environmental friendly. That being said, I do drive my Jeep around without a tinge of regret.

Heck, even my kids must have known its my birthday because they let me sleep in until 8am! And then Isabel hung out in bed until 9am! So peaceful. But that quickly came to an end as the rainy day grumps set in. Ah well, a trip to the grocery store and some good rainy-day cleaning will lift the spirits, right? If not, the chocolate cream pie sitting in the fridge might do the trick. Happy birthday to me!


Annie said...

Happy birthday, Clare!!!!!!! Marvelous gifts! I hope your day is lovely despite the rain. :)

Nick-dog said...

Happy Birthday Sweetness! --NM