Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The very little I get accomplished is thanks to this:

My Beco. In fact, I spent hours gardening with Isabel in tow. I was very sad 2 weeks ago when the waist buckle snapped, but I am happy to say I emailed customer service and they sent me a new buckle in less than a week. So all is better around here. Seriously, I didn't know how to go grocery shopping without it. I accomplish a lot when this happens too:

You must think she is sweet and innocent. This is the real side of Isabel:

LOL. Just kidding. She is sweet and innocent, but definately a drama queen. She makes up all kinds of awful noises to get me to do things. She is so close to being mobile, and it frustrates her that she isn't. And someone got a hand-me-down slide today:

She is very happy with it. Anyhow, did you notice I cut Anastasia's hair? And my own? 8 inches of mine is gone. It freaked me out at first... after I made the first snip. But now I LOVE IT!!! No more tangles. That is why I cut A's hair too. Hair brushing became a scream fest so I had to improve morale. Less hair and sesame street make it a doable task. I love toddlers.
Oh and by the way, I DID NOT donate my hair so don't ask. I have been asked SO MANY times and I am the evil long -hair-cutter who didn't donate it. I thought I had to give 12 inches. Aparently its only 9 inches and I was obviously too selfish to give up the last inch.


Bridget said...

When I got my haircut in April, the hair-cutter-lady told me I had enough to donate to Locks of Love. I didn't think I did, but she told me she could make it work. I wasn't interested in donating my hair at all until she said, "Your haircut will be free if you donate the hair!"

Hey, man. Free haircut? Sure, you can have my hair! LOL!

So that's what happened to me. I wouldn't have donated it otherwise! :)

Clare said...

Thats awesome! Can't beat a free professional haircut! I was only going to cut 4 inches off... but I was cutting it myself and got a little carried away. oops.

Maria said...

The Beco is great! I like the fabric you chose. I got one for my sister when she had her first baby last summer. We have an Ergo and I love that for carrying around my toddler. It's especially good if he is resisting a nap. He'll usually fall asleep in the carrier.

lolaforpresident said...

Don't worry about not donating. I read that charities that accept hair only use about 10% of what they get. They are really strict about damaged or died hair.

Clare said...

Yeah I think aside from diapers and clothes, the Beco (or a similar carrier) is the one baby item that I can't live without.

Yeah aparently they are pretty strict with the hair they do accept. I just didn't think I had enough... but now I wish I had saved it to sprinkle in my garden to keep mammals away. I would have gladly donated to the survival of my peas.

Thanks for reading my blog!