Saturday, November 13, 2010

Falling Leaves

Fall is such a colorful season. We have had a very long autumn this year it seems, and with bouts of 60 degree days, one can hardly complain. I have been trying to take walks everyday, with hopes of inspiring a little one to make his way into this world. These contractions are getting REALLY old. Thank goodness for the beauty of fall colors, and local gardens to enjoy.
Is there anything more magical to children than water? It attracts them, inspires them and I really just can't keep them out of it. It keeps us alive. It is a part of us. We have been enjoying the last warm days where we can play in the water.
And there are leaves or fairy boats, or blankets for bugs, or a small piece of a big pile for jumping in. Leaves are the best part of fall. And pumpkin pie.
It is somewhat amusing that we had to wait until fall, and cooler weather to spend adequate time outdoors after a terribly hot summer. I am usually a spring and summer person, but I have never been so happy to see fall.
And lucky for a little boy who will have his little birthday when the leaves are in their full glory! Now if only he could have that birthday sooner, rather than later. ;)

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