Monday, November 8, 2010


I have been nesting like crazy over here. Really, really crazy. I don't hardly recognize myself! I cleaned under all the couches, beds, cribs, and was on my hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor last week. I have been organizing baby clothes, finishing up projects I never imagined I could finish before the baby came, and knitting baby pants in my spare moments. Oh, and did I mention of have 2 kids and an Etsy shop that has a lovely flow of holiday shoppers now? So even though I don't blog much now, I haven't stopped being, and making and crafting and doing fun things with my kids. Instead I have been packing bags for the big night, finishing up the last baby projects, preparing the moses basket, and placing all the little gifts he has recieved (the above burp cloths and little boy doll) in special spots.

I have also been bitten by the cloth diaper bug. I am addicted to buying soft, natural little nappies to swaddle my newborn's behind... I might have too much as Isabel is well on her way to being potty trained (she only uses diapers when we go out now!). But at least I won't run out! I have some Sunbaby Pockets (cheap ebay diapers that work really well), Tiny Tush one-size cotton and hemp fitteds and quite a few prefolds. I am in the process of knitting and making some wool covers as well. Who knew diapers could be so much fun!

After reading this article about "Mother Roasting" on Rhythm of the Home, I decided to make and buy a few luxury items for those lovely post-partum resting days. I decided to buy a scarf to use as a belly wrap and made the bath tea. I bought some of my favorite soap (the Mama Bar) and my friend Marie gave me one of her homemade lavender candles as a shower gift. I also bought a 1/2 lb tub of Shea butter from ebay. If you haven't used Shea butter, you are in for a treat! It is so thick and moisturizing and supposedly helps with stretch marks... not sure if thats true or not... but just so you know. And I made this quilt:
Well, it isn't the best picture, but I picked up a charm pack of "Wee Woodland" by Keiko for Moda. I love how cute and foresty it is. Not sure about the flowers and the pink thrown in there, but I am sure my little boy will be secure enough in his masculinity to handle it. Overall it looks very boyish to me. And this is why my old Moses basket didn't last:
These things make the best boats! I have to hide it in my closet until the baby comes... and then it will be his sacred little nest of blankets and a sheepskin. And a beautiful, blurry moment from my life:

We moved the girls into the same bed! We really don't use the crib around here and Isabel had to get out of our bed! She was keeping me up at night, and I was so uncomfortable and there is NO ROOM for another baby! So I had read that sometimes kids sleep better in a bed together, and since it is almost winter, the timing was perfect! They are so cute all cuddled up in there each night and they rarely wake up and come into bed with us (which was really becoming insane!). So now we all sleep, and the kids look really cute.
So yeah, that has been my life in a nutshell... in between bouts of contractions that never seem to amount to anything, and all this nesting I finally have a moment to blog! Hope you are all having a nice Monday. Hopefully next time I post I will have baby pictures to show... but I am not counting on it as all my predictions have been wrong! I am starting to feel like a time bomb...


Angela said...

I love your blog! You are "being" just perfect for you! He will come in due time...typically they wait a couple days AFTER you are ready to blow! ;) My son sleeps with his big sister too! I hear there is safety in numbers! :) Enjoy!

Clare said...

Hi Angela! Thanks! :) I imagine he will eventually come... and then I will have all the time I want with him! ;) And it isn't like I have plenty to do in the meantime...

Amanda Pedro said...

wow, you have been busy! All the best in the days to come!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet blog you have here. :)
My young children have always shared beds--with us as babies, and then with an older sibling. With a big family in a small space, it's a practical necessity. And they love having a snuggle-buddy for reading books, playing with dolls(or knights and dragons), and keeping cosy and warm on those chilly winter nights. Keep up the good work, mama!