Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Three is a crowd!

Our friends brought us dinner on Sunday. Not only did they drive over an hour to bring us delicious food and cookies, but my friend Andrea Read took these amazing pictures of my children! She said she is still getting established, but I think she has such an artistic eye that she really doesn't need much establishing! And she just so happens to be Kieran's God-mother (or will be when we get him baptised here soon...)
And so I am thankful for my three little children. After Anastasia I could never imagine any more children or loving them half as much as her, but now I can't imagine my life any other way... and it seems my heart grows bigger and has more love to give each and every one of them. I was told by my friend Regina who also brought us food and has 8 children, that when you have 3, your life really slows down. This seems to be very true. Everything must be carefully planned and not crammed and suddenly I have time to really focus on the little people in my life. For that I am thankful.

And I am thankful for this little red head... her beautiful locks and smile... even when she drinks out of the toilet and turns simple hand-print turkeys into a paint your entire naked body project. Speaking of hand-print turkeys... it is very hard to do with a newborn. Actually, impossible would be a better way to describe it... and its very messy.
Now off to finish a custom order so I can take the kids outside and tend to the animals... Maybe I will put diapers on the line... maybe we will get the laundry put away... maybe we will do some Thanksgiving crafts... and make our pies as a family of 5... Maybe. But I am not counting on doing everything and that is just the reality of life with 3 children. No more super-mom. I just have to get by and do all things with love and that will be enough. I am thankful for that too.


Nick-dog said...

You are still super, at least to me.

Love, Nick

Sara Sophia said...

I like you EVEN MORE after reading your blog for a bit.

The maker of the gnomes is quite fabulous ;)

Thank you for making such splendidness and for being such an inspiring mama <3


Clare said...

Thanks Nick! Love ya!

And thank you Sara Sophia for your sweet words! :) Your blog is also truly a work of art!