Sunday, February 13, 2011

Be Mine...

We have been working on Valentines this week! I am super happy with how sweet they turned out! I printed the adorable Woodland Valentines from Ink Tree Press (And look the CUTE CUTE CUTE Woodland Nursery featured on her blog and THIS Little Red Riding Hood dress!!! Not to mention that I want everything in her Etsy shop... but especially the gnome growth chart!!!) (Wow that was a lot in parentheses!)

So we printed the Valentines and Isabel glued them in the middle of my precut-and-hole-punched cardstock while Anastasia "sewed" the Valentines with ribbon. I tied the bows. It was quite the family project! I was inspired by these lace-up Valentines at Pearlie Pink!

And I love, love, these gnomey Pinecone People from GardenMama!! Her whole blog is inspiring... but these gnomes just melt me! I hope to prep these for our little Valentine Tea tomorrow. :)

And if I had air dry clay and glitteer, we would have made a whole bunch of these clay bowls from Ordinary Life Magic for all the loves in our life... maybe we can do an Easter version because I am just needing to make some!! :) The blog world is so inspiring and full of lovingly creative projects for Valentines Day! It isn't to late to whip up some love! :) Anyone else feeling the need for some Conversation Hearts right now???
I wish you all a sweet and happy Valentines Day spent with the ones you love most! And I wish you quite a bit of chocolate too! <3

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