Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Princessy Party x 2

Do you ever find with children you do things you never thought you would do? I was one of those kids that was into nature, bugs, frogs, climbing trees and anything related to the such. I pretended to be animals, forest children and fairies occasionally. Princesses were not my passion or strongpoint. I hated pink for a very long time. And now I am consumed by pink and princesses. I did not try to encourage this love of royal maidens but I am not one to suppress the passion of my eldest daughter. So I have officially embraced the castles, tiaras, pink dresses and all other things "princess". I know soon enough the tutus and tiaras will be ditched in favor of the latest fashion trends, the curls will be straightened and those precious smiles smothered in lipstick. And I will miss all the ruffles and lace.
After having the grandparents in town and Kieran's baptism, I did not really plan on having a party for Anastasia. I thought of having 1 friend over to have a princess day or something, but I wasn't going all out, or inviting a crowd over to celebrate her turning 4. My parents stepped in to do a family party for her and my neighbor and I combined efforts to throw a party for both our daughters, taking the burden off of me significantly. Yet I was able to partake in, and embrace all the fun. And look at the amazing cake my mom made:

I think this cake turned out FANTASTIC!!! It is such a shame we had to cut it up and eat the deliciousness that it was. She used the Wilton Castle Cake kit from Michaels. She said it was much easier than the roller coaster cake she made my brother and I when we were younger. She set up a treasure hunt to find the Queen's jewels (modeled in the first picture) that were guarded by a royal cat (the cat was actually sitting next to the treasure box, and played his role quite well). She also set up a princess and the pea game where the girls found out they were real princesses indeed and recieved flower crowns. Then we followed a trail of dragon's jewels left in the snow to a special surprise (princess dresses).

After we came back in, we found that the dragon had laid eggs all over the living room! thankfully they were full of candy and not baby dragons! :) And we of course had presents which included real ballet slippers and a ballet dress, a bride doll and belle and Snow White figurines. I also found my old Polly Pockets that I had as a child and saved for my own children. I have over 30, and decided to start giving them to the girls at special occasions. They have been playing with them non-stop!! They just don't make Polly Pockets like they used to.Anastasia was completely in her element as Princess of the party. And then on Monday my neighbor and I had another "Princess in the Forest" party. And Kieran of course was not left out of the fun: This is how I found him when I came in from loading the van. He is totally thrilled. :) Poor kid is completely outnumbered. For the friend party I purchased and printed a Princess party set from Paper Glitter on Etsy. The kind lady who owns the shop sent me a brown and blonde set for the two party girls. It was super easy-peasy to just print, cut and tape the entire party decor. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the decorations, cake, and cupcakes except this one lonely cupcake:

We read "The Princess in the Forest" by Sibylle Von Olfers and did a treasure hunt with games and tasks along the way. The tasks included finding a pea under a pillow again, walking like a princess with a book on their head and courtsying, guessing items inside of "dragon eggs", and getting out of the witches spell by answering "Princess Trivia" (which I will share later). My friend Sharon also made these adorable felt crowns for the kids to decorate (modeled by my little prince so royally):
We gave the children pretend jewels, felt butterfly stickers, and sequins to decorate them and they turned out amazing. If I did this again, I would probably get more felt stickers and some of the stick-on jewels so the children could wear them right away instead of waiting a while for the glue to dry! Everyone had a great time but I am really glad I have until October for another birthday to plan! I need a break! Isabel was pretty party-pooped too:
She just crashed before the party was over. hehe. :) My original party idea was to do a Snow White party with apples and an enchanted forest... but like I said, I have been too busy for a whole DIY and clean your house and bake and arrange, and decorate party. And this was perfect anyway.
*Remember the fairy party I did last year? That was so much fun too. With another girl, I see more fairy parties in the future!!!

*And check out this Little Red Riding Hood party... I was so going to do something like that for Isabel, but she was so into birds so a bird party it was.

*I am not usually into commercialized character parties but this Disney "UP" Party is to die for!!!!

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