Thursday, February 3, 2011

Princessy Party Favors...

Nothing is as sweet as leaving a party with a little souvenier. I always think of favors as a little "Thank You" for our guests. I know it will be lovely when the girls are a bit older and can make their own little "Thank you" favors. So I made little peg princesses and paired them with dove hearts in a zip-lock bag with a favor tag again from the oh-so-clever Paper Glitter. I am really happy with the princesses and how sweet they turned out. I made them all in pink to avoid any conflicts with different hair. Perhaps some of these lovely maidens will make it into the shop? My only issue is that I did these in a bit of a hurry, and the hair was a bit complex, so there was glue EVERYWHERE. but hopefully the little princesses overlooked the imperfections and found themselves enjoying some imaginitive play.

The treasure hunt lead us to lolli pops and heart necklaces... because afterall, what makes a princess a princess, is what is in her heart. ;) For the necklaces I just used my favorite elastic rainbow cord and some heart charms that I purchased ages ago at Michaels. They were originally used on necklaces that my Maid of Honor and I made for the 4 flower girls in my wedding. I have been holding onto them a while.
And another plug for the cute Princess Party kit. I would have never come up with something so cute and clever as PAPER NAPKIN HOLDERS. but I love them. It was nice to have everything rolled up for each guest to hand out with cake. Cute. cute. cute. The cutest cute you can get for $10. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, where do find the time for all this nifty stuff? I love it! I want a princess party favor too! :)

Sarah Gasper

Clare said...

THanks Sarah! I find time that I should be using for cleaning and organizing my life while the baby sleeps and the 2-year-old gets into the knife drawer. lol.