Thursday, July 21, 2011

So my cord that connects my camera to my computer is MIA. Oh how sad that is too as I have been sewing with wreckless abandon. We have been up to our usual dose of summer fun. Annie and Martin and their cute little girls came to Virginia for a visit last week. We really had a ball with them! Annie and I even got to steal away to a yarn shop and a fabric store... alone. Alone with Kieran that is. :)

We had our fair share of tribulation last week when our well pump broke. We have had quite a few water issues this year, so I am really hoping we are set for a while! Thankfully the plumbers were able to fix it right away so we only went a day and a half without water. It is amazing how much we take simple things like running water and flushing toilets for granted!

Sunday we made a spur-of-the-moment trip to DC and vistited the zoo! It would have been a great plan but half the zoo is closed due to renovations. We saw a sleeping sloth bear, an otter, some zebras, squirrels, a chipmunk, some horses and an elephant. Thankfully after Mass we went to Georgetown and enjoyed some cookies and coffee and a pleasant walk along the canal, followed by a "picnic in the van" of Armand's awesome pizza. It was a fun, fun day indeed. :) Also I noticed a Serendipity 3 in Georgetown that just opened. I am very excited to visit for a date, or a fun dessert extravaganza with the kids when they are older!

So much to blog about... so little pictures. :( Hopefully I can remedy this soon! July has been such a good, hot month!


AJay said...

Oh my goodness!! Look at how big he is now! I can't wait to kiss those cheeks on Sunday!! And, I'm dying to hear about all the things you've been sewing and crafting. Darn that camera cord, I want to see all the things you've been doing, not just hear about them. You need to get one of those card readers that fits right into the USB port. Daniel and I swear by them.

Clare said...

haha, I do need a card reader for the USB port! It was so good seeing you yesterday! Your party was great!! :) I know Anastasia is still talking about it!