Friday, July 1, 2011

Red, White and Blue

It has been quite patriotic around here. Red, white and blue are the colors of America. The colors of summer berries and whipped cream, candy and ice cream, mushrooms and lakes. Oh I love summer and all the red, white and blue that comes with it! We made a fun little tray:The theme was a red, white and blue ice cream and candy shoppe! Oh and it has been the most fun yet. The best part is that it is fat-free and won't give any one a sugar high! I also added an empty vanilla bottle for "smell" and some mint leaves for taste! The girls have been into painting their toe nails for the past month. Even our toes are proud to be Americans. :)

Oh, oh, oh, the best red of the summer yet.... tomatoes! These are little cherry and sungold tomatoes, and the first of the season! I think this is more tomatoes than I got from my garden the ENTIRE SUMMER last year. My black thumb is getting a bit greener...

Our nature/seasonal table is decked out in the American spirit too! What is more American than a waterfall with unicorns and mushrooms? hahaha. And of course Anastasia insisted the pink mushroom stay on the table. but America is all about freedom... so it stays.

My red, white and aqua DISH DRAIN QUILT!!! I made this the other day after seeing the idea and directions in my favorite new magazine Mary Jane's Farm. Nick gave me a subscription for my birthday, and I seem to find a million yummy things to make, gardening and household tips and neat craft/decorating ideas (And ugh, advertisements for fabrics I NEED!). And the style and feel make me feel like I am reading through an old victorian catalogue/scrapbook. Need I say more? YES. Because the June issue had dish drain quilts which was the perfect, simple craft to beautify my kitchen a little. My old plastic tray was the home of various forms of mildew and icky sulfer and other sediments crusted on. Now, my dishes can dry in style, with cute patriotic accents! :) For a few other dish drainer quilt ideas, go here , here and here.

Oh look, little patriotic pants! Well, that wasn't really what I was thinking when I made them. I had a little of this fabric left over that needed to be little light weight quick change trousers from Handmade Beginnings. He loves them. Anyway, we have had a busy week of swimming in lakes, meeting cows, eating watermelon, blueberries, first peaches and marshmallows.... oh so much fun! And more to come as this BEST SUMMER EVER continues! Unfortunately, today housework and laundry continues for me... But this weekend holds oh, so much promies! Happy Fourth of July (a tad early) to you all!! May it be free, fun and sparkly!!!


Annie said...

Your craftiness is pushing me closer to my sewing machine! LOVE the dish drain quilt AND the pants!! I've been knitting, knitting, knitting. Which is cool, but after awhile it can get kind of boring, boring, boring. I'm glad you're having the best summer ever... I'm having the laziest!

Clare said...

Haha Thanks! I just don't have the attention span for knitting!! BUT I have seen some cute projects I want to start! What are you working on now??? I hope to meet your sweater you made IN PERSON!