Monday, June 27, 2011


Time is flying to fast these days! My little snuggle-pie is just beginning to scooch around. Too soon he will be crawling, walking, and getting into everything! How fleeting this first year of life is... with so much growing to do! It is bittersweet I tell you. I try to savor it between everything else. Last week we picked a bunch of these wild beauties: Our forest is full of black raspberry bushes! We picked about 5-6 pints. I am sure there are more waiting for me today! They are yummy on oatmeal and in milkshakes. The girls have been SO EXCITED to help pick them. As we pick them, the girls like to come up with new ideas of things to make from them. Isabel always picks milk shakes.

We decided to keep this little kitten as a "porch kitty". She is so sweet, and gentle with the girls, and has a really peaceful way about her. I planned to give her away, but I just can't part with her. We named her "Kahlan" after the heroine from Legend of the Seeker. She inspired me to continue reading the book series the show was based off of. So far it is great fun, and very exciting. And I have a cat to sit in my lap wherever I choose to read. I guess I am officially a nerd. :)
We had a lot of fun letting a jar of praying matis' go in our garden. My mom let me catch some from her garden (which is PRAYING MANTIS HEAVEN) for our own little veggie patch. My garden has already given us our first cherry-sized tomatoes. We also are still eating lettuce, radishes, kale and finished up our sugar snap peas, and we picked our very first green beans!!! There are little tomatoes, and little peppers everywhere, and my squash and cucumbers are growing quite well. The girls planted pumpkins and sunflowers which are growing too! Of all the garden's I have planted, this is the best one!!! I hope this rain and garden goodness continues! Also, we have a little toad who moved in!
This weekend we painted half of our kitchen which is HUGE. I have been wanting this done for years, and especially so after getting our floors finished! So hopefully the house progress will continue too. I have plans, plans and more plans! Where is all this time I am supposed to have as a stay-at-home mom??? Well, I wish you all a lovely, summer week! :)

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