Sunday, June 12, 2011

Best day ever!!

Today was awesome. We have been talking about visiting Douthat State Park for some time now, and finally decided to do it! We decided to visit Falling Springs Waterfall before heading to the park, and I am so glad we did. It was a bit of a drive, but worth every moment.

We arrived at the breathtaking falls, that were just off the road. You could overlook the fall that dropped 80 feet into a series of cascading pools below. Beautiful doesn't begin to describe what we saw. We did see some people at the bottom of the falls and I was instantly needing to be down, underneath the falling water. But the path looked long, steep, and like this:

Yeah. That was the path. I had to convince Nick that we had to go down there with a 4-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a 7-month old in the Beco... who doesn't always love the Beco. But I am a good persuader. And Nick wanted to hike down as much as I did, only he is a little more reasonable and just a little less crazy.

So, we went down the crazy rock scramble, and a very kind man (with a southern accent and missing tooth) helped Isabel and I over some tricky boulders. It was a short, rocky path and again, worth the danger we put ourselves in to walk behind the amazing fall.

Water fell all over and around us. It was astounding. Time stood still. Even Kieran enjoyed it. But who wouldn't? If you looked up from beneath the fall, it looked like this: And life doesn't really get any better.

Except that everyday I have these people to love under the falls, in a cave and everywhere...

And we finished our adventure, with a dip in the lake at Douthat. It was beautiful, fun, relaxing and refreshing.

I could have stayed there forever. I declared today a "daycation" and we plan to take more this summer. It is so difficult sometimes to leave the responsibilities of our little homestead, but coming back from a day like today renews one's spirit and strengthens the bond of our family. And while I have many favorite days, this was one of the best. ;)


Nick-dog said...

Well said. I am wishing I was back there under the falls with you guys...

Annie said...

Wooooow!!! That place looks incredible. Very cool! Hooray for daycations! :)

Isn't it funny how different the Little House books are now compared to hearing them as a kid? I honestly don't remember much of them from when my parents read them to me, but I am LOVING them now!! And they are SO informational, and detailed!! I always hope that listening to Laura's more strict way of living with prompt Anja to be perfectly obedient... So far that's not happening, but we're only on the second book. :)

Not quite as classic, but do you know the Beverly Cleary book "Socks?" Anja loved that one so much that she had Martin read it to her again right away after i'd finished! It's slim... Maybe only like 11 short chapters or something.

And speaking of books... I think this comment qualifies! Lol!

Clare said...

haha, I remember Socks but I have not read it yet to the girls! :) Will add it to our list. I was hoping the same thing about the Little House books prompting obedience... lol. When we were picking berries and cherries I told Anastasia it was kind of like Laura and her family prepping for winter. I think it made her more excited to help. :)