Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Home for a Fairy...

We have a very big, old tree in the middle of our yard. It is enchanted I am sure. If you look really closely you might come across a brand, new, shiny fairy house:

Anastasia and I worked together to create this little house for the fairies. It was SO MUCH FUN. Anastasia was beside herself with glee and already has plans for her new fairy friend when they meet and become best friends. I explained to her how dangerous it is for a fairy to befriend a human.

We used little furniture and sweater scraps to cozy the place up. And spruced up the outside with hydrangas. I think a fairy would be very happy to live here.

First thing this morning, Anastasia wanted to go outside and see if any fairies had moved in. We tiptoed very quietly, and were terribly dissapointed that there were no fairies to be found. But they had been there! And they left us a letter and a gift of gathered food from the forest!!!
Little snips of lettuce, tiny snap peas, blueberries and cherries. Yum! We had a little feast fit for fairies this morning! And here is what our letter said:

"Dear children,

Thank you for the beautiful house. Please enjoy this fairy food we picked for you from the forest. I am Anica, a tree fairy. I fly around helping trees, painting leaves and using sap to repair hurt trees.I am very busy and its important we don't get caught by people. The bed was so soft and the flowers so pretty. I especially love the shiny pebbles. We fairies love shiny things you know. Thank you again, so much.


Anica, fairy of the forest"

I do hope we here from her again soon!


Anonymous said...

As always, I love these imaginative projects and the posts that follow them! --Nick-Dog

AJay said...

That is so awesome! You're such an amazing mommy.

Clare said...

Thanks guys! :) It is just as fun for me, I think, than them.

Anne said...

I'm Annie's friend - that's how I found your blog (and etsy shoppe). I love the idea of getting my girls interested in fairies, and I'm wondering if there's any particular fairy storybooks that you guys enjoy. This fairy home looks like so much fun!! Thanks!

Clare said...

Hi Anne! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) Our favorite Fairy books are "In the Land Of Fairies" by Daniela Drescher and we have the collection of Cicely Mary Barker's fairy books. The girls really like to look at the pictures in both books. I also make up stories and lore about fairies as well! I hope that helps! :) You can also find all sorts of neat creations if you google "fairy houses" and look under images! :)

Anne said...

Thanks Clare! That ought to help us get our imaginations going. :o)