Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pasqual and things...

Woah. It has been hot. Really hot. We went to the arboretum with our playgroup yesterday and vistied the little pond. It was 98degrees. The tadpoles that the girls loved last month have all turned into frogs. We caught snails instead. :) So this is our new companion:

It is difficult to photograph a fuzzy black cat. He is sweet. Very, very sweet. And as a bonus, he doesn't poop and pee on things. Sadly little orange, pee-cat had to go. The final straw was when he just randomly peed on Kieran's blanket. WRONG MOVE PEE-CAT. The shelter didn't want him back even though I signed the paper that stated I HAD TO BRING HIM BACK TO THEM. It was a bit of an ordeal. What did the lady at the shelter tell me to do? "Make him an outdoor cat because he is better off taking his chances with the busy road." Well what are shelters for exactly? Anyway. End Rant. It was a sad day because the girls loved Pumpkin Pie (Pee-Cat) Puff sooooo we had milkshakes and visited Petco to look at the cats for adoption there. That is where we met a very furry black cat named Blake. We filled out an application and now we have a perfect cat who walked out of our clock:

And he walked into our lives and I hope he stays here for a very long time.

I love black cats. We named him Pasqual (pronounced Pas-cal) for one reason or another. It suits him well. I hope you all stay cool this week, and keep your puppies and kitties out of the heat and in loving arms! :)


Haus Frau said...

He DOES look like the cat in the clock--at least, in the picture you posted above the clock... :)

Clare said...

lol! I know! It wasn't planned, I just realized it when we got home! It kind of worked out perfectly.