Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer. Sweet, Sweet Summer!!!

Have I mentioned what a fun summer this has been? Well it has been the BEST summer ever, for sure. My mom and I took the kids to a waterpark a couple weeks ago and we all had so much fun. Since I found my camera cord, and camera, and uploaded a month's worth of photos, I thought I would share our fun! Can I say that even Kieran LOVED the waterpark. He is definintely a water baby, and likes to float on his back and kick and splash. He has a lot of chub to keep him afloat too. haha.

I think Isabel might have had the best time of all at the waterpark! She went down every slide, over and over and over again! She is definitely the mermaid of the bunch... and the dare-devil! And seeing her go down these slides reminded me of how quickly she is growing up!

Anastasia's favorite part about the water park was making friends. She wasn't keen on most of the slides, and hates getting water in her eyes, but she seems to make friends wherever she goes. And that is the sweetest thing indeed.

Kieran is certainly a beach bum. 8 months is definitely a fun age for him. He is becoming more and more pleasant and happy, and I am finding ways to help him cope with his anti-social tendencies. I think the best part about having babies in the fall and winter, is enjoying their first summer when they are thick, cuddly babies with sunhats, chubrolls and big drooly smiles. It is the best. Until they are older and you can't have summer cookout birthday parties.

Like the cookout party and cake we had for Martin during the Schap family visit. Martin shot a skunk that was bothering Ben and Anna's hens during his visit. So Ben, who happens to be a very talented artist, made a skunk stencil for Martin's cake. The heart symbolizes our anniversary as it happened to be on the same day. The cake has a very "Pepe le Pew" feel to it, don't you think? Sadly enough this was one of 2 pictures I have of our friend's visit.
Last Sunday we went to Georgetown, and took a walk, and some pictures. It was perfectly perfect weather. And we ended with perfectly perfect pizza. Here is the C&O Canal. We used to walk by here when we lived close to Georgetown. It is so beautiful and serene next to the bustling city. It was such a sweet trip down memory lane. We also enjoyed cookies and coffee from Baked and Wired which we visited several times when we were city snobs and partook in such luxuries quite often. It seems they have been very successful, and expanded quite a bit, offering tons of adorably expensive cupcakes for sale too. I remember they always had "doggie cookies" for sale, and I am happy to report, they still do. And their coffee is still awesome. I feel a bit like a kid in a candy store when I go into the city and enjoy the delicious food and fancy stores. I miss parts of the city life, and I love going back to places we enjoyed, but I am far happier being a country bumpkin.
On Saturday my mom and I took the kids to a children's are expo. They had fun making all kinds of crafts. Kieran made friends with himself. And that was really cute.
So yes, our summer is very awesome. I hope yours is too! :) Right now I have cupcakes cooling on the stove for Anastasia's half-birthday tomorrow! We are also heading out to our CSA farm so I have high hopes for a special day for her. Last week our CSA gave us beets. AGAIN. I want to love beets, I really do. I gave beets a chance, and I just don't like them. I never have and it is possible I never will. I needed to find a way to make beets taste like something other than beets. It seems that I may have succeeded by making CUPCAKES! They are chocolate, but they have beets, applesauce and squash in them. The batter was the best cake batter ever! Tomorrow I will take the yummy chocolate mounds of veggies and slather them with buttercream icing and no one will be the wiser. How exciting! And Anastasia will officially be 4 and a half! Wow! Life has taken on wings and is flying by. Can someone tell me where July has gone?

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