Friday, August 26, 2011

Buggin' Out.

In a couple of days we are leaving for our vacation! We are heading down to Asheville, NC and we are all very excited! We have never been there before so as we venture in to the unknown with a van chocked full of kids, I decided to come up with some fun things to occupy them in the back seat. We have been meaning to buy them some backpacks for hiking/ballet/etc, so the timing was perfect to pick up a couple of these adorable Skip Hop animal backpacks. I let each girl pick one, Anastasia picked the frog and Isabel picked the owl, which coincidentally coordinates with rain boots that they each have. I took a picture of them, with their backpacks and rainboots as we went to a friend's house during the hurricane that I HAVE to post, but I can't right now. So sad.

For entertainment purposes, I picked up some cute Imaginetics playsets which we have had in the past and they have been loved and played with. I love the little fairytale forest! They fit nicely in a gallon ziplock bag, ready for the open road!

And nothing like some sweet Dover Little Activity books to keep the kids engaged in fun! I love how many different ones there are and you can coordinate them to your trip, or a theme of any sort. And for $1.50 each you can't beat the price! I think you can score them at Cracker Barrel too.
Last night I did a search for travel games, and found these awesome Auto Bingo cards!!! Did anyone have these as a kid? I remember we had them when I was little and it was so much fun to see who could get Bingo first! So yes, while everyone else brings DVD players and such, we are going to be those hokey parents who make their kids play Bingo and licence plate ABC's and they will roll their eyes at us and we will know we are doing our job. HAHA. Anyway, thanks to Amazon Prime, I should have Auto Bingo on my doorstep tomorrow morning. We will see!

Oh and I just love the Klutz books. I purchased a few of them a while back, including the Pop Bead Critters which are SO MUCH FUN! Unfortunately they are too messy for the back seat, but they make a great toy for sitting at a restaurant. My kids LOVE these. Honestly though, you probably don't need the book, you could just by a refill pack and get TONS of pop beads and put them in some plastic containers that are easier to manage. I also have the fold out castle which again will work well as a new toy for the cabin we stay at, but not so hot for the car. For the car we have the felt fun book for Anastasia and I bought some Body Art crayons for Isabel which is her favorite thing to do (draw on herself). Make sure you check Amazon for them because I found the castle there for $5 shipped!

Anyway, I also raided the dollar store and Target for stickers, flashlights, glow sticks, first aid kits, colored pencils, notepads, coloring books and found a couple more of my old Polly Pockets and I am working on some bendy "fairy princess dolls" that Anastasia has been begging me for... so I think we are set! I love packing fun bags for the kids, possibly more than they enjoy the fun of them!


And as we are heading out I am leaving my shop open for orders and I am having a little Sale:

Spend $20 or more (before shipping), you can purchase a leaf bedroom set for $6.00!

Spend $50 or more and recieve free shipping!

Spend $75 or more and recieve free shipping and a free leaf bedroom set!

Spend $100 or more and recieve free shipping, a free bedroom set, and 10% off via a refund or custom listing.

ALSO, if you are a returning customer, please convo me for a coupon code for 15% off your order (which can not be combined with the 10%off-- Sorry!)

Sale will last until September 3rd! Everything ordered between now and then will ship on September 5th! Hooray for sales! And gnomes also make great travel toys! They have accompanied us on many adventures! :)

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