Saturday, August 13, 2011


(picture from Pinterest)

Am I the last person ever to discover Pinterest? I have been making albums and adding pictures to them from all over the web. Albums of inspiring things like elvin cottages, fairy tale bedrooms, and dream craft room ideas. This week I am determined to clean, organize and paint my craft room. While my space is very small, I hope that I can add more functionality to the little space I have. Is anyone else obsessed with organizing with Mason Jars? I am.
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Sadly my own camera is no longer functioning. It broke the other day and I am at a bit of a loss as what to do at the moment. I can no longer take pictures for my blog and shop, and most importantly, I will be missing a lot of "firsts" for Kieran, and all those other amazing moments in childhood that should be documented. I do hope to remedy this soon.

(Pinterest photo credit)

I don't have nearly as much space as this room, but I love the freshness and how organized it is.
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I will need something to fill empty space on the walls. I love the idea of putting fabric in emroidery hoops for decoration. It is like a quilt made of bubbles on the wall. (Photo credit)

I must say this last room is the most inspiring. Maybe it is all the red or the inspiration board. Or maybe just seeing the word "make" inspires me to do just that.

Can you believe it is mid-August already? I had planned on painting my craft room long before now. Actually I bought the paint when we purchased our house... 3 years ago. It is about time I get to work. I apologize in advance for the lack of posting and pictures. Until a new camera falls from the sky it may be a bit dull over here. :( Thankfully I have some old pictures to carry me through for a little while, and I hope to use this time to develop the 3+ years worth of pictures that I have on my computer. And hopefully I will have a new craft room to photograph by the time I have a camera again! :)


AJay said...

I've heard about Pinterest, but no one has ever really described it do me. Now I see what the fuss is all about. I may be starting a new addiction soon. :)

Clare said...

It is terribly addicting. I love just organizing pictures onto boards and having an inspiring pallette of pictures to see all at once. If you join, let me know so I can "follow" you. :)