Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Harvest time

Sooooo this was my biggest garden harvest EVER!!! Picked in one day!!! To many gardeners this is probably laughable, but I am SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!!! This picture was from last month though, and things have slowed down and died. I have some pictures of the kid's garden to share another day. Isabel harvested a pumpkin the other day, and loves it to pieces. It is currently on the small bookshelf beside her bed next to her special doll so she can always look at her prized, little sugar pumpkin. I love that kid. Even if she is a little crazy. We also picked 2 apple trees and made a couple gallons of applesauce, and now the pears are coming in. Between our first successful garden and the CSA share, we have more food than we can possibly eat... and then some! Today I am picking seckle pears and making salsa!! I do not look forward to fall and winter AT ALL. Summer has been too, too short.

I do look forward to cooler weather a little bit, so Kieran can wear his new hat everyday! Isn't it adorable?? I didn't make it, but I purchased it from Stella B Designs on Etsy, thanks to a heartsy deal. I am currently knitting him a pebble vest also. Can you imagine the cuteness with some little corderoy pants? I have to say, I do love fall fashion. Especially for little kids. :)

Here is a terrible, unflattering picture of the mermaid skirt I made. I made one for each girl and they are very cute and summery. They seem to have the right amount of twirl. I just wish I had some nicer pictures.

We have been to the farm several more times, and had a perfectly splendid day yesterday with beautiful weather in the 80s. They had a whole bunch of baby bunnies, we picked raspberries and I even knitted while the girls played and Kieran napped. It was lovely! And somehow, we completely missed the earthquake while we were there. Nick felt it pretty strongly at his work, closer to DC. There seems to be a significant amount of damage, and I am most sad about the castle in our old neighborhood (aka the National Cathedral). I am glad that not too many people were harmed. Other things we have been up to:

*Kieran is scooching at mad speeds. He looks like a little sea lion. He is adorable.

*The girls got backpacks today. Isabel wants to fill hers with stinkbugs.

*Speaking of stinkbugs, she is having a "stinkbug birthday" in 5 weeks, and I am stumped with decorations and cupcake toppers.

*Anastasia is starting Ballet in 2 weeks. She is walking on clouds thinking about it.

*I finally picked paint for my craft room, but have yet to get to painting.

*Made ratatouille in the crock pot yesterday. It was YUMMY and used loads of garden produce.

*I started making Kieran babyfood. Yesterday I made gingered carrots and pears, today was avacado with magoes and peaches. Lucky boy. I don't eat that well.

*My parents let me borrow their camera. Sadly I still don't have a cord that works.

*I am still in love with pinterest. I have no life otherwise.

*I found an empty water bottle at the farm yesterday, and I am filling it with beads and food coloring as a sensory toy for Kieran for our trip.

*Speaking of trash-to-treasure opportunities, I have been on a thrifty high lately. Vintage pyrex is my new vintage love.

*If I ever am to get salsa made today, I better do it now. Adios!

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