Thursday, August 25, 2011

A new, old chair.

A couple months ago, I covered a glider that was given to me when I was pregnant with Anastasia. It was a bit worse for wear:

And this picture doesn't show all the icky stains. To make the cover, I took apart the cushions and traced around them with 1 inch to spare. I added some loops with velcro to the back to attach to the bars the same way the old cushions did. I also traced the arm rest the same way, but the way it was shaped made it especially difficult. I decided for a fact, I never want to be an upholsterer. I really didn't enjoy this at all. lol. But the end result was worth it. My chair which had been evicted to the porch due to its sheer ugliness, has been granted a nice cozy spot in my living room. And the resident furniture testers give it 5 stars:

On a side note, I did make 8 pints of salsa yesterday! Another project that could have been more fun, but wasn't. And I now realize what a spoiled housewife you must think I am! It might have been more fun if I had gloves on when I chopped the jalepenos. It might have been even more fun if I hadn't been crying while chopping onions. It might have been great if I didn't taste test STEAMING HOT SALSA without letting it cool first. Beer is apparently the secret ingredient. But not for the salsa, for the salsamaker.

And on another side note, our local Target is getting produce soon. I really just wanted some Breyers mint chocolate chip ice cream, half and half and lasagna noodles last night. They didn't have any because they are reorganizing things. SO I had to go to Wal-Mart. I don't care what people say, Wal-mart is more expensive than Target. And you waste more time getting from Point A to Point B. So you lose money, and time. And the people there are mean.

And can you tell I have been cooped up in the house too long? I seem to be grouchy. LOL. I shouldn't be, because we have had fun watching David the Gnome on Youtube while painting unicorns, mushrooms and dinosaurs. And what could be better than that? Yes. I must be becoming a spoiled grouchy housewife. :)


Anne said...

I have that exact chair with ugly stains sitting in my backyard shed. I need to reupholster it as well. My first upholstery project (hopefully my last). Any suggestions or advice for a newbie? Thanks much!

Clare said...

Haha, you are the second person I have met with this same, ugly stained chair! lol. So, as I mentioned I traced the cushions but I left an extra 4-6 inches where the bottom of the cushion would be, and sewed it shut on the cushion after getting the fit right. I didn't want to deal with a zipper. Before you sew it, the velcro parts on the back of the chair came off really easily with a seam ripper so I ripped them off and put them in the same spot on the back of the cushion. The arm rests were really tricky so I traced them and sewed them on to the the rest as best I can, I really don't know the best way to do them, because I don't think I did it. It just requires a lot of patience I think, but in the end, it is sooooooo nice having a glider that looks nice! Hope that helps a little, I will post more if I think of any tips!