Monday, August 6, 2012

Finished Projects

Once upon a time, Little Red Riding hood took a walk into the forest...

There is a great sense of accomplishment that follows a completed sewing project. Especially one that was ordered nearly 3 weeks ago. Unlike housework which is only accomplished for mere moments before someone tracks mud in on their feet, dirties a dish or decides to change for the 16th time that day because apple juice spilled on their dress. For one reason or another, I ended up with several custom clothing orders all at once.  My sanguine temperament took over and had, as always, an overly optimistic outlook on how quickly and easily I could finish these projects.  This little red riding hood "caplet" and ruffled skirt (with little red fabric) is for a cute little girl on her 2nd birthday.  It is terribly small looking on Isabel, but the measurements are as ordered, so my fingers are crossed that they will be well received.

 Its always a little scary for me, sending a piece of my work out into the world, to a new home. Thus far I haven't had an unhappy customer. Lets hope there is never a first! In the midst of orders and our anniversary, we were invited to a "Pirate Party" for our little friend Elan, who is my childhood friend Tara's little boy. 
 We found the cutest paintable ship at Hobby Lobby and I made some little pirates for the birthday boy.  The girls had the time of their life with a kiddie pool and sand and a treasure hunt! What fun.
And 3 weeks ago I made the above dress for a friend of mine. She has 3 little girls, and I have 3 more dresses to work on now that all of my Etsy orders are FINALLY caught up.  No thanks to coming down with Strep throat last weekend. I am thankful though, that my children didn't catch it, thanks to an immediate dose of antibiotics. Love 'em or hate 'em, antibiotics save lives, and entire families from misery!  Whew. So it had definitely been a bit crazy over here. Last week Nick sold the Jeep and we are down to one car until his truck is up and running. Also, I have kept the kids inside all week long in case they were contagious, so they are all a little stir crazy!  Establishing a bit of rhythm and beginning our life-long adventure in learning has been a beautiful necessity as summer fades quickly into fall.

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