Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kool Aid Dyed Playsilks

 My children love playsilks. We have had a few over the years, and it came to my attention that we were down to a single, ratty, faded yellow play silk. The sad looking silk had been a cape, a doll sling, a blanket, a net, a tent, a skirt, and so many other things in its dear little life.  It has been a while since I went playsilk shopping, or dying, so finding the price of $14 (or more) plus shipping per silk was more than I could afford.

In steps Pinterest and every one's favorite childhood beverage: KoolAid. I found this blog post with an amazing color chart for dying silks with KoolAid.  I did all the dying in the microwave, in ziplock bags, thanks to a tip from my friend Regina.  Basically that means no mess.  Basically pour 1 cup of water, 1/2 cup of vinegar, 3-4 packs of KoolAid into a ziplock freezer bag and heat for 3 minutes, let sit for 3 minutes and rinse. Then hang to dry (or throw in the dryer for 5 minutes if your children are begging for them). THATS IT! :)

I think the colors are so beautiful and vibrant.  You can make a forest green, dark blue, maroon red, and clayish orange by adding 1/2 packet of grape koolaid to 3 packs of the solid color. It makes them a little darker. Also, if you do yellow, do like 5 packs and let it sit for as long as you can stand. I love the bright, summery colors and you have to know the kids have been playing non-stop with them.  The rainbow silk I made (above) was done by tieing off sections with rubber bands in ziplock bags. I actually may re-do some of the colors that needed to be more saturated.  You can also do this on the stove which I intend to try with the hope of getting some more saturated yellow, green, blue and orange.  It was really hard with the zip locks to tie it off and make sure the silk was completely in the water... if that makes any sense at all!
I bought the silks from dharma trading post for $5.35 each I think. Even with shipping and KoolAid they were still around $6 total.  Much better than $14. I must have purchased 50 packs of Kool Aid in all the primary colors! I went several places and Wal-Mart had the best selection. They had all the colors I needed and then some! I didn't have enough silk left to make some pink.  Maybe for Christmas?
We have been really into Mermaids lately, and the silks have really added a lot of color to our Mermaid world!  :)
Can you guess who Anastasia is pretending to be?  I really enjoyed this project because it was quick, easy and super rewarding.  All the Kool Aid brought me back to my own sugar-induced childhood.  I think I drank gallons of that stuff.  The scary thing is, my hands are still green and blue from yesterday's dying adventure. All I can think is what all that color does to one's insides?? Yikes! I am so glad I can pass on the beauty of Kool Aid to my children in another way. :) hehe.

Now go buy some silk and add some color and creativity to your life!


Anne said...

Hi! Annie's friend here. Thanks for posting this tutorial!! I've never dyed anything before, and this seems like the perfect beginners project. I just wanted to ask which size silks you bought? Thanks!!

Clare said...

Hi Anne! I bought the 35" x 35" of the Habotai 8mm scarves:


The size is perfect for play! It is soooo easy you won't believe it! :) I also ordered some of the 21.5" for dolls/nature table. they were much smaller but work well for what I need them for. Best of luck!

Clare said...
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