Thursday, August 2, 2012


 Had you asked me 3 months ago about homeschooling, I would have told you I had no idea what I was doing and probably told you how badly I wanted to send my children off to school like every sane person on the planet. But we had made the decision long ago to home school and that is what we are doing.  Thankfully, the past few weeks I have felt a renewed sense of peace and passion on the subject as we plan and piece together all the particulars and start a new season of learning.  A little over a week ago, I stumbled upon this video that really sums up a lot of my attitude towards education:

(Sorry it is off center)
I find it is so important to educate the whole person. Mind, body and soul.  And that the most important things we learn, we learn through creativity and using our imagination.  As Albert Einstein mentions,

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.
If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
― Albert Einstein

So all those things considered, we begin our adventure into education at home.  

I have taken a Waldorf approach to homeschooling with a good amount of Charlotte Mason's concepts mixed in. I also like a lot of Montessori ideas, especially the introduction to reading and spelling. I love the beauty, simplicity and pure imagination of the Waldorf Concept. I like how every subject is presented in stories. Handiwork, art and movement are considered as important as the intellectual subjects. The approach focuses on the whole person and rhythms of life. I am also drawn to the importance of spirituality and nature to the education of the soul.  We are so fortunate to live in a mecca of natural beauty, and it is absolutely important to me that my children have a deep love and a healthy relationship to God's creation. I love the overall picture, but I am not a Waldorf purist but think than any educator can really gain so much from adding some of the concepts to their lives. I like Charlotte Mason's ideas to keep a nature journal, read "living books", encourage good habits and again, art and handiwork.  I also like her classical studies, and some of her approaches to different subjects.  Like all theories of learning, not one is perfect but so much can be gleamed from each concept to fit your children, life and style of learning.

For curriculum I chose the Kindergarten curriculum from the BEarth institute.  The curriculum is mainly stories, wonderful stories, songs, and crafts.  We started doing a little "Science" yesterday and the curriculum uses the Storybook of Science (that you can download free here!)  and the first story was about poisonous berries and plants.  We learned so many plants in our yard are toxic and the kids were completely glued to my total surprise! Anyway, I have been using Simply Charlotte Mason as a guide for adding things like music, art, Bible and poetry.  We will be studying one composer a month and one artist.  For History we are just reading chapter books.  We will be finishing up "Little House On the Prairie"  this month and begin studying Native Americans through stories.  I would love to rhythmically go through American History from Indians to present day every 2 years so the children almost get a timeline in their heads.  I also am not sure where to fit in world geography/history.  But I am not worrying about it for Kindergarten...... I just need to see if I can get through this year!  Not to mention ballet and Girl Scouts. We will have a full plate! :) 

I am so excited though, and truly blessed to be on this crazy, beautiful journey of homeschooling. I can't wait!

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