Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Unplugged: Hot

I had to stretch things a little bit to come up with a toddler "hot" activity. Or maybe I just couldn't find the right inspiration... either way we had fun! I took both Anastasia and Leia for a nice walk down our street which was great with this awesome breezy autumn-feeling weather. Can August stay like this please? Then we came home and I made Anastasia her first, very-own cup of hot chocolate with a giant marshmallow and a little spoon. She seriously played with
the marshmallow and spoon for 20 minutes and insisted on drinking the hot chocolate sip-by-sip with her little spoon. Then we got out the paint and painted using warm or "HOT" colors which Anastasia loved! Up until this point we only used finger paints and watercolors so real paint was a complete treat for us to work with. OH and if you buy Crayola's "washable" tempera paint, be careful because the blue splattered on my shirt while opening and wouldn't wash out. :( If anyone has any ideas for getting it out, let me know.

Here she is painting so nicely:

And here is where she turned into Red Beard the pirate. She was ready to nap.

Then we turned our painted paper bag into a lovely stuffed fish. "The Artful Parent" has a nice tutorial here. I remember doing this as a kid! I cut and glued, and she stuffed. Then I glued the tail shut. Waiting for the glue to dry took a while so a smart thing to do would be to use staples. We had time and no stapler so this worked fine.

I also have to be honest and say that perhaps I enjoy painting as much as Anastasia. As a kid I rarely remember painting much at home and I feel I have to make up for lost time so I painted little fish and turned it into a fishing game for Anastasia by adding paper clips. She already had the pole from a fishing puzzle that is too difficult for her but one could easily be made by glueing a magnet to some yarn or string and tying to a dowel or stick. She definately enjoyed this fishing set more than the two she has, and played with it quite a bit already! Hooray for free toys!
So we had fun even though we had more of a fish theme but we are heading to the beach with my mom on Thursday so it seemed appropriate.


Peterson Party said...

We made hot chocolate too! I love the homemade fishing game! Good job! We are going to have to try this one too. We love homemade, free toys!

Annie said...

Hooray! We made fish kind of like that in art class when I was in first grade... and I still have mine. :) You have so much fun with Anastasia. It makes me excited for when Anja is old enough to do things like paint and drink hot chocolate with a spoon!

Wendle said...

Very cute fish. And I love the "red beard". Try Oxyclean stain remover. That stuff manages to get everything out of Ben's clothes.

Anonymous said...

That stuffed fish is marvelous - Looks like an art sculpture from a store!

I love how you describe Anastasia'. first experience with hot chocolate. She looks like she is really enjoying it!

Thanks for joining in. I usually try to stop by everyone's projects, but I have had a busy summer and have not had time. Hopefully I am back on track now, so welcome, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with in future projects!

Clare said...

Thanks for all the comments/compliments! Toddlers are really fun to do art projects with! They make you see things through a fresh set of eyes!

I will definately be using oxiclean today on my shirt... and a white shirt A. wore to the farmer's market where she was given tomatoes and cinnimon rolls. yikes!