Monday, August 4, 2008

Unplugged: Rough

Unfortunately the internet hates me. For whatever reason I have had the hardest time posting and even connecting to the net. It works fine for Nick... but it hates me. Which is why I may not get pictures up tonight... because it is slower than molassass in January. ;) So I have been very unplugged lately... lol. Not only is the net all wacky for me, but our DVD drive (our only source of DVD action) on our laptop skips constantly about 30 minutes into a movie. So now, I could pass as rustic... but I can take a bath in my own tub with hot water and everything (as of last night) so I am atleast moving up in the world!

Anyhow, this weeks unplugged theme is "rough". On Friday Anastasia and I went for a very, very short hike (toddler and pregnant woman appropriate) to Passage Creek... a real gem less than 5 miles from our house. We stopped to feel "rough" and "smooth" things along the way including rocks and bark. I am not totally sure she got it, but thats okay. We thoroughly enjoyed a dip in the creek and throwing and skipping rocks. At home I collected some "rough" and "smooth" rocks, leaves, bark, sticks, and fabric to feel, and wrote "rough" and "smooth" on two different colored papers. Together we seperated the items. Anastasia rubbed the different things under her chin to get a better feel for them which cracked me up. She totally loved our little trip and handling the different natural objects. Some other cool ideas we may try are doing some bark rubbings, some watercolor salt paintings and making some texture cards. Check the Unplugged website for even more awesome ideas!

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