Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The first thing that came to mind with this week's Unplugged theme (flat) was Flat Stanley. My brother made a Flat Stanley in first grade, and I thought it was the neatest thing! He sent it to my aunt and uncle in Georgia and they took him on many adventures. Now, I plan on sending Flat Polo the Penguin to my brother in Montana and making a little scrapbook of his adventure with Andy. I tried making a little flat girl to send, but all 3 attempts were just plain scary. So penguin it is! I don't know if my bro will ever move back to Virginia, so I thought that Flat Polo may be a cool way for him to feel involved and for Andy and Anastasia to have a connection across the country. I have yet to actually consult my brother about it! Polo the Penguin is based off of a character from a book called "the Adventures of Marco and Polo" where a penguin named Polo and a monkey named Marco visit one another in their native lands where obviously they don't belong. It isn't my favorite children's book, but it is kind of cute and I like the pictures.

I also wanted to make "flat" pancakes, but being as we had stale french bread and no buttermilk or mix, we made french toast instead. It was not very flat but went really great with peaches cooked in water and brown sugar. Yum. Perhaps this weekend we will make some pancakes to go along with some books I want to get at the library.

Last week we made Animal Stained Glass Silhouettes from blogger, "In A Nutshell" that I made into a little window garland for Baby #2 to look at while I change her. Anastasia loves the thing, and make animal noises "gawk, gawk, gawk" everytime she sees it. I was trying to stick to the Unplugged theme of "glass" but never actually posted.
Another flat idea I might do this week, is print some paper dolls at Staples and put magnets on them for Anastasia's enjoyment. Oragami Bears has the cutest printable multi-cultural dolls! If you do a google search, there are hundreds of free paper dolls. I can't imagine raising a kid without the net.


Michie said...

Your projects look great! I like the idea of the little pictures on the line at the changing table! :)

Nick-dog said...

Uh-oh. I think Flat Stanley went to the Prince William County Dump instead.


Wendle said...

Great stained glass animals. We have have to try this one:)