Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Independance Weekend!!

I anticipated posting yesterday... but never got around to it. Here is our little homemade table setting. I put glue on the jars and gave Anastasia tissue paper to stick to them. It was a very successful first glue project. I covered it with decoupage paste and put a tea light in it. I am so proud of her artistic abilities! I believe she could outdo many "modern artists." That is my humble opinion. I got a little carried away with the tissue paper and made tissue paper flowers... remembering my childhood. I think I will display our flag a little longer... Its kind of funny how if you leave up your July 4th decorations it is considered patriotic but if you leave up your Christmas decorations it is considered red neck-y.
My big surprise was that my best friend Tara who was/is living in Florida, called me as she had just came up to Virginia. We stopped by and saw her on our way to my parents for the evening and it was the BEST!!! As you can see, we are each showing off our big preggo tummies! If you only knew how badly I wanted this picture of us together you would appreciate the greatness of it! Its hard to believe we have been friends for 16 years... we met when we were just kids and now we both are having kids of our own. Crazy.

Anastasia loved her rocking horse she got for Christmas that we left at Grandma and Grandpa's.

And Nick loved his new jewelry.
Happy belated July 4th and weekend!


School for Us said...

I love your 4th of July decorations! And, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'd posted about the marble paper using shaving cream and you said you might modify it for a toddler. The original site I'd come across was actually for a toddler! With them, you can actually put the piece of paper (cardstock) at the bottom of a baking dish, squirt in the shaving cream and then add the coloring. (You might try something besides food coloring) Then, they can finger paint, and when they're done you can remove the paper, scrape it, and see what she's made! Hope this works out.

Clare said...

I am totally going to try that! Thanks!